Here are some places you can find my work:



SCAR ON/SCAR OFF: Poems. (Book) Release Date October 9, 2017:

and on Amazon.

“Because Tigers…” “In Daddy’s House” Queen Mob’s Teahouse: Afro-Latinx Issue ed. Jasminne Mendez. Link:

Excerpt from Kingfolk: a Novel. Inspicio Magazine. Link: (March/April 2018).

“Esperando.” Pleiades. Print. Short Story. (January 2019)

“Blackout/Apagón.” Entropy: On Weather Series

“I Don’t Know Where I’m Bound.” Just to Watch Them Die: Crime Fiction Inspired by Johnny Cash. Print. (Fiction) Available for purchase here:

“When Trying to Return Home,” “When They Tell Me To Stop Speaking Ghetto.” (Reprint). Poetry.  Latinas: Protests and Struggles in the 21st Century USA (Anthology). Print

“Torsion.” Vassar Review. Print. (Fiction) Forthcoming fall 2017.

“An End.” Columbia Journal.  (Lyric Essay)

“What Joy,” “Some Advice,” Queen Mob’s Teahouse. (Poetry):

“Loriella is Dead” (republished) Academy of American Poets/Poets.Org.

“But There is Also Rosa.” Passages North. (Lyric Essay):

(Featured in The Rumpus’s “This Week in Essays”:  

and received “Best of the Net” award:  )

“Nothing Ain’t History,” “My Black Girl,” “40 Ways to Avoid Sexual Assault.”  A Shadow Map Anthology (CCM Press). Print. Upcoming February 2017. (Poetry)

(A Shadow Map Anthology listed on Chicago Review of Books as a Book to Read in February):

“When They Say Stop Speaking Ghetto” “Baila, Papi” “My Black Girl” “Casting Call.” Luna Luna. September 2016. (Poetry)

“Bagmen.” Jabberwock Review. Print. Upcoming March 2017. (Fiction) (Reviewed in NewPages here: and nominated for a Puschart Prize by Jabberwock Review.

“Baby Dolls.” The Los Angeles Review. Print. Spring 2017. (Lyric Essay)

“American Sacrileges,” “Calida,” “What’s New.” Connotation Press. (Poetry) July 2017.

“The Girl We Forgot.” Hermeneutic Chaos. September 2016. (Flash Fiction)

“Old Blood.” Split This Rock/The Quarry: Poem of the Week/Poems that Speak out Against Violence (Poetry):

“When Trying to Return Home” and “Trap of the Conch” in response to Raquel Salas-Rivera. Aspasiology. (Poetry)

“40 Ways to Avoid Sexual Assault” “Summer of Screens.” Public Pool. (Poetry) Link:

“Mulatto-ed,” “Undercolor.” The Feminist Wire. (Fiction)

“Fevers,” Gravel. (Fiction)

“Loriella is Dead, “A Mother to Her Star,” “Brother Invisible” + Interview,” (Poetry/Flash Fiction) Puerto del Sol.  Link:

“Nothing, Love,” New Delta Review. (Fiction) Link:

“Ghosts of Dead Boy Street,” For Harriet. (Poetry) Link:

“Summer Love, On Sidewalks,” “The Girls Who Get Off the City Bus,” “We Are Always at Somebody’s Party,” (Flash Fiction/Poetry) Literary Orphans:

“Summer Love, On Sidewalks,” was called a “Short Story of the Day” @ The Seattle Review of Books. Link here:

“The Other Saints of New Orleans,” Deep South Magazine.  October 2014. (Poetry)


“In the Substance of Things Certain and Unseen,” Squalorly. Online. Winter 2014. (Poetry) Link:

“La Vida Es Un Carnival Celia Sings at the Underground Mall,” “At Night You are Loiza Birthing,” The Boiler. Issue 9. October 2013. (Poetry) Link:

“Home Ghosts,” The Blue Lyra Review. Issue 2.1. Spring 2013. (Non-fiction) Link:

“The Last Saints,” First Inkling: Best of College English Writing. Volume 2.1 2013. Print. (Fiction) Link to review of story:

“The Bone in Your Chest,” Daily Love. Fall 2012. (Journal no longer active.)



Fiction Writers Review Interviews Amina Gautier:

Origins Literary Journal Interviews Edwidge Danticat. Interview. Link:

“The Month After The Cruelest Month,”  Interview with Anne Barngrover @ Bekah Steimel’s Blog:

“The Woman Who Knows: Origins Interviews Donna Weir-Soley.” Origins Literary Journal.

“Magic City Poet: Origins Interviews Ashley M. Jones.” Origins Literary Journal.

“More Than a Translation: Origins Interviews Raquel Salas Rivera.” Origins Literary Journal.

“The Notebooks of Bill Russell: Traveling with Mahalia Jackson.” The Missouri Review. Kristine Somerville, Speer Morgan. Authored the feature glossary

The Missouri Review: Short Story Month Discussion of Jamaica Kincaid conducted with Leanna Petronella. Podcast. Link here:

The Missouri Review interviews Mary Karr.” Podcast.

The Missouri Review interviews Elizabeth Alexander.” Podcast:“>Interview #1

“Reimagining Stories: Origins Interviews Fabienne Josaphat.” Origins Literary Journal.

“Regarding the Immigrant Narrative: Origins Interviews Cecilia M. Fernandez.” Origins Literary Journal. Link:

“Life, Story, Action: Origins Interviews Jaquira Diaz.” Origins Literary Journal. Link:

The Missouri Review interviews Efi da Silva, director of Four Way Stop.” Upcoming. Podcast. Winter 2016. Link:

Interview 1

The Missouri Review interviews Sara Blecher, director of Ayanda,” Upcoming. Podcast. Winter 2016. Link:

Reading Queer/Florida Book Review coverage of Miami Book Fair event “Paris is Still Burning.” Link here:

“Discovering Stories: Origins Interviews M.J. Fievre.” Origins Literary Journal. Fall 2015:

“Beyond Boundaries: Origins Interviews Neil de la Flor.” Origins Literary Journal. Fall 2015:

“Missouri Review Interviews: Jami Attenberg.” Conducted with Leanna Petronella.

“What Comes From Within: Origins Interviews Anjanette Delgado,” Origins Literary Journal. Summer 2015:

“Finding Home: Origins Interviews Sandy Rodriguez Barron,” Origins Literary Journal. Summer 2015. Link:

“Spirit of a Story: Origins Interviews Geoffrey Philp,” Origins Literary Journal. Summer 2015. Link:


“The Poetic Citizen: Gulfstream Magazine Interviews Claudia Rankine,” Gulf Stream Magazine. Fall 2014. Link: 

(Link to Columbia University giving the interview a shout-out here:

“Remixing Creativity: An Interview with Heidi W. Durrow,” Origins Literary Journal. Fall 2014. Link:

heididurrow (2)

“The Heartbreaker: Chatting with Anjanette Delgado,” Geoffrey Philp Blog. Spring 2014. Link:

Reading Queer/Florida Book Review coverage of inaugural RQ Festival event with L. Lamar Wilson (written for RQ/FBR posted by Neil de la Flor):

“Queen of Voices: Gulfstream Interviews Cristina Garcia, ” Gulf Stream Magazine. Fall 2013.  Link:

“Author Roundtable Interviews,” Gulf Stream Magazine. Spring 2012. Link:

“Gulfstream Interviews: Margot Livesy,” Gulf Stream Magazine. Fall 2012. Link:

Reporter for The Florida Book Review’s coverage of the Miami Book Fair International November 2013-2015.

Book Fair Blog Link (2014):

Book Fair Blog Link (2015):

November 2013 and 2014. Some segments picked up by Miami’s news site WRLN, November 18, 2012.



“Book Review: Five Ways to Fall,” The Florida Book Review. Fall 2014. Link:

“Book Review: American Neolithic by Terence Hawkins,” Rain Taxi. Fall 2014. Link:

“Book Review: Troika by Adam Pelzman, The Florida Book Review. Summer 2014. Link:

“Book Review: Leaving Little Havana by Cecilia Fernadez,” The Florida Book Review. Spring 2014.Link:

“Book Review: Blood of Heaven by Kent Wascom ,” The Florida Book Review. Fall 2013. (Website moved, archived review forthcoming) Link:

“Book Review: Man on the Moon by Michael Morris,” The Florida Book Review. Spring 2012. Link:

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