New Book Forthcoming


My cross-genre poetry collection SCAR ON/SCAR OFF will be forthcoming from Stalking Horse Press on October 9, 2017. Pre-order link here: 

or here:

Many thanks to Julie Marie Wade and Raquel Salas Rivera for their early words w/r/t SCAR ON/SCAR OFF:

This book! It moves and breathes and sings like a living organism. The pulse is vital, the insights sharp as a blade. Who weaves lines like these: “the jelly walk of men/ with doughnut flakes wedged into regal mustaches” and “your joyful teeth are enough to/jail you in consequence”? Who speaks truth to power this way: “Tell them we been mournin’ bullet-warmed/ blood long before they told us: now this is how/ you interpret a death”? Who strikes the page with such a necessary question: “how boring/is your/ego that my/darkface/still bothers/you/this much”? Jennifer Martiza McCauley is the answer: an essential, undaunted, luminous new voice who carries within her many voices, many stories. Scar On/Scar Off is poetry that conjures and skewers our fractured zeitgeist.

-Julie Marie Wade, author of Small Fires, When I Was Straight, and Wishbone: A Memoir in Fractures

There is a type of loss that cannot be represented, though its feeling can be caught, like a yawn as wide as the place where endings meet beginnings. When I read Jennifer Maritza McCauley, I feel like I’m falling into myself, snagged on something I forgot to look at while I was busy mourning some other, closer loss. My hand is being guided across the page, salty words lapping up into my wounds. I remember I have lost something. I remember we have lost something, and I can see its outline, like the lips of an open mouth. Words spill back into it, reminding me why I first came to language.

—Raquel Salas Rivera, author of Caneca de anhelos turbios and lo terciario/the tertiary